Swing with us in the Clouds



Find out about the recruitment process and child’s adaptation to the kindergarten, how to complete the starting kit for your little-one and how much it all is

How much it is?

Tuition 2200 zł

The fee includes:

  • up to 11 hrs day-care from Monday to Friday (7:00-18:00) excluding bank holidays etc.
  • all activities: sport, eating, arts, basic English and Spanish.
    Additionally, other educational activities which of course and tailored to the age and abilities of our pupils.
  • educational materials
  • psychological, speech therapist’s and pedagogical care / support of child’s observation and consultations with parents

Hourly packages or part-time care are determined individually.

Recruitment fee – 1000 PLN

It is a one-off, non-refundable fee that guarantees a place in a nursery for your child.

The fee includes:

  • NNW insurance for each child,
  • purchase of individual baby accessories, such as a bed linen, a bib, a potty, as well as occasional gifts (Christmas, birthday), the funds are also intended for birthday parties for your child in the nursery.


Full board prepared from organic products costs 20,50 zł. The fee includes breakfast, a two-course dinner with compote and an afternoon snack. Additionally, fresh, seasonal fruit is available for children every day as a snack. Individual diets are also available.


First days in the new environment may be difficult for both the child and his parents. For the first time, the toddler has to part with his beloved mother or another close person, with familiar surroundings and toys. He meets other children and new aunties. All of this can cause both astonishment and curiosity, but also it can arouse anxiety by disturbing the sense of security and separation anxiety. The process of adaptation can take place in various ways – depending on the child’s needs we try to address it appropriately. It allows your child to slowly adapt to the new situation under controlled conditions, yet – still having a parent in sight.

In Little Clouds we try to divide the whole process into a few days (total of c.a. 30 hours). We certainly begin with the conversation with the Parents / Guardians, when we try to answer all their questions and introduce them to the everyday life of the nursery. One can attend such meetings alone, but also with the child.

Second meeting usually takes 1-2 hours. The parent stays with the child in the nursery and accompanies the candidate
in fun activities. During the third meeting, we encourage the parent to leave the child with one of our aunties for 30 minutes, and we observe the child’s reaction and behavior while the separation. This meeting usually takes 2-3 hours.

In the following days, we try to introduce the child to the normal life of our nursery. We go out together for a walk, participate in all activities, try to put the baby to sleep. Every day we gradually extend the time the child spends with us. During these days we encourage parents to spend time in nearby cafés, yet, remaining available at all times.

If necessary, we always allow more time for the adaptation. At every stage, we are happy to offer help and advice as far as the expected behavior is concerned as well as describing the new reality for a child at home.


Day-care fee 7:00-18:00 – 100 PLN
Fee for each commenced hour after 18:00 – 30 PLN

Night or weekend care – agreed individually, additional conditions apply.

The starting kit

The list:

  • pyjamas with the child’s initials
  • a spare set of clothes, e.g. body + tights – 2 sets
  • disposable diapers (as needed) – 1 pack min.
  • wet tissues – 2 packs / a month
  • 4 packs of big hygienic swabs / a month
  • care ointment (as used by the child)
  • sun-cream with filter (during the summer time) – preferably in aerosol
  • wind/cold-care cream (during autumn and winter time)
  • a soother – if necessary
  • a bottle, a bidon or a non-spill cup (to be used between meals) – if a child can not drink from the regular cup yet
    a toothbrush and a toothpaste.
  • for children under 12 months – a baby bottle (for milk), a formula (or breast milk in a sterilized container), baby porridge of one’s choice